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The Innocent Ant

Unscented Laundry Soaker

Unscented Laundry Soaker

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Conquer stubborn stains effortlessly with our 100% natural Unscented Laundry Soaker! Powered by Oxygen Bleach, a biodegradable alternative to chlorine bleach, it delivers potent stain-fighting action. Specially designed for sensitive skin and septic tank friendly, it ensures a safe and effective solution.

Say goodbye to grass stains, tough spills, and challenging marks with ease. This versatile and reliable Laundry Soaker tackles a variety of stubborn stains.

Browse our store for more options, including Citrus, Lavender, Mint, and Unscented laundry powders. Enhance stain treatment with our Fabric Bar and Laundry Soaker.

Take control of your laundry routine with our Unscented Laundry Soaker. Its natural formulation and impressive stain-fighting power make it the ideal choice for pristine clothing and fabrics.

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