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The Innocent Ant

Natural Spot Cleaner

Natural Spot Cleaner

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 Versatile Fabric Bar: Your 100% Natural Spot Cleaner

Experience the power of our Fabric Bar, a potent spot cleaner crafted with Coconut Castile Soap, the same exceptional ingredient found in our natural laundry powder. Perfect for removing stubborn stains on sofas and pre-washing clothing. Discover its effectiveness and make it your go-to spot cleaner.

With its user-friendly application, gentle formula, and septic tank friendliness, the Fabric Bar is reliable for items that are difficult to soak. Combine it with our Laundry Soaker for comprehensive stain removal.

Browse our online store for a range of natural laundry products. Choose from Citrus, Lavender, Mint, and Unscented laundry powder, as well as the Fabric Bar and Laundry Soaker, for effortless ordering and complete stain-fighting solutions.

Discover the wonders of our 100% natural spot cleaner and embrace the power of Mother Earth. With exceptional cleaning capabilities, a gentle formula, and septic tank-friendly composition, the Fabric Bar is your ideal solution for spot cleaning.

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