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Hemp + Starflower Superseed Face Oil

Hemp + Starflower Superseed Face Oil

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Hemp + Starflower Superseed Face Oil

Discover the essence of balance with our unique blend of 11 concentrated super seed plant oils. Crafted with equilibrium in mind, this lightweight and fast-absorbing formula is perfect for everyday use as a face oil, even under makeup. Experience the grounding and balancing benefits of our earthy mix, featuring clary sage and petitgrain, which harmonize both the skin and mind.

Ideal for oily skin types, this versatile oil offers a brightening effect while promoting balance. Elevate your skincare routine with the power of nature's super seeds.

Achieve balance in your skincare journey with our carefully crafted blend of 11 concentrated super seed plant oils. Experience the lightweight and fast-absorbing formula that serves as the perfect everyday face oil, even suitable for makeup application. Embrace the grounding and balancing properties of the earthy fusion of clary sage and petitgrain, bringing harmony to both your skin and mind.

Tailored specifically for oily skin, this oil provides a brightening effect while restoring balance. Unlock the potential of your skincare routine with our plant-powered solution, and embrace the transformative benefits of natural ingredients.

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